Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sexy 6 - Great Grooming Gear Gifts For Guys

Needing some gift concepts for the Gay person in your life? Here's a hit-list of recommended Gay present recommendations to inspire and guide your shopping purchase. He's a mess often and everybody knows it-- so right here's some gifting recommendations to assist him clean up his act:

Remington Travel Grooming Kit

For Hair + Nails + Teeth
-- For the Gay guy regularly on the go, gifting a grooming travel kit with a variety of basic hair and nail devices is a great starting point. We suggest including a few choose devices to the grooming set before you present wrap it, such as a travel tube of tooth paste, a disposable razor, and a quality straight-cut toenail clipper to round-out the package.

Andis 23 Piece Barber Shop

Overall Bear Hair Body Care
-- For the Full-Bearded and wooly gentleman, an electrical hair clipping and battery powered beard and goatee cutting set makes an excellent present for a Gay individual that has hair to spare. With nearly 2 lots pieces and plenty of hair trimming guides, this set from Andis is an excellent selection. Wahl also manufactures a similar Clipper/Trimmer/Guide set with over 2 dozen pieces in it's Chrome and Color Pro line worth comparison shopping for.

Low Cost All-In-1 Groomer

Full Facial Hair Grooming
-- Every Gay person ought to have one of these rechargeable grooming sets with interchangeable heads. Yes, you can do the rough-in with a small scissors and non reusable razor. But for the exact, exacting information of your mustache, goatee, sideburns or beard-- and those ornery and pesky nose and ear hairs-- these multi-headed trimmers are an exceptional present. This one's from Remington on the cheap, however the higher-end Norelco Multi-Groom Plus+ or Pro models are also an exceptional gifting option.

Hardcore Bearscaping/ Manscaping

Dual Ends - Trimmer + Foil Razor
-- The right present for the REALLY HAIRY MAN who's expert work as a Competitive Bodybuilder, Go-Go Dancer, or Male Fashion Model requires total-body Manscaping from go to toe. Here, Norelco's double-headed Adjustable Length Trimmer and Foil-Shaver is the # 1 seller for complete bodygrooming requirements. It's the ultimate weed-whacker present for gorilla-hairy Gay Bear in your life that needs his fur kept under severe control.

12-Piece Mani-Pedi Nail Kit

Comprehensive Men's Nail Grooming
-- Let's not forget men's gnarly paws and claws when it pertains to gift concepts for Gay guys. Not everybody are fastidious primpers, and some individuals are just slobs. A set of manicure and pedicure tools in a compact travel case offers them one less excuse not to try to remain ontop of this essential guys's grooming activity.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mens Micro Manscaping and Grooming Stations

While serious and frequent full-body manscapers should own a dedicated wet/dry foil and cipper style body groomer, a second piece to your body hair grooming tool arsenal should include a personal grooming station with multiple trimming and cutting heads for every aspect of edging and detailing your beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns -- as well as nasal and ear hair.

Remington makes a pretty decent rechargeable All-In-One micro-manscaping tool for your other furry bits that comes with a diverse set of attachment heads that deserves a place at your bathroom sink.

Wahl offer a similar grooming station with a few guide combs best for SHORT beard, goatee or sideburn lengths, a foil shaver head, and a rotary trimmer for nose and ear grooming. Of note it also includes a micro DETAILING BLADE about a 1/2" wide that's ideal for men with goatees and really need to edge and style their goatee with precision.

Norelco offers a similar men's grooming station with perhaps alot of attachments-- but one of the challenges is the never-ending product changes in supply and model numbers and configurations that seem to change from year to year. Norelco for example - USED to make a great All-In-One with charging station and attachment holder (the G380) - then discontinued it and replaced with (unfortunately all men's grooming tool companies are doing this) with a cheaper and more cheaply made G370 that just includes a chintzy mini 'duffle-bag' to hold all the loose parts. That may be fine if all you do is travel with your personal trimmer, but most of us need and want a dedicated stand at home that neatly holds all the parts at the ready during a hair grooming session. I personally own a G370 trimmer, and it's worked well enough and comes with plenty of attachments and guide combs -- but like any of these after a year or two of reasonable service -- it's time to replace it with something better.

mini Manscaping Tool : Wahl Peanut Personal Men's Trimmer

Some hair products stand the test of time and one of them is the best selling palm-sized Peanut hair trimmer from Wahl. Less than half the size of a home or professional hair clipper, this diminutive A/C powered trimmer is great for all-around manscaper, body fur, and beard grooming needs.

The Peanut trimmer from Wahl is ideal to manscape with because of it's small size and ease of handling in tight place. It also has a narrower and finer-tooth cutting blade thats better for precision trimming and edging needs - unlike a full-size home hair clipper with much larger and coarser blade. That makes it ideal to manscape a beard, mustache or goatee as well.

Prefer a cordless model for your manscaping sessions? Wahl also makes a cordless Peanut trimmer that runs on an AA NiMh battery and includes a charger and two batteries so you'll always have a spare battery ready to go. That said, as a manscaper, I personally prefer AC wall powered clippers that simply have more hair and whisker whacking power in general, and keep cutting even through long, full body head to toe bearscaping.

Battery Powered Peanut Trimmer

NiMh Batteries + Charger Included

Another one of the nice things about this handy little tool for body grooming and manscaping is (like all of Wahl's product line) both replacement blades and guide combs are readily available. You can find replacement parts online and at many hair salon product shops like Sally's Beauty Supply should you lose, damage or otherwise break a comb or blade.

4 Combs 1/8" - 1/2"

FYI: This mini clipper is also available in colors other than white if you hunt around. There's a somewhat rarer black model for Butch Bears - or Pretty In Pink model for Sissy-Boys to suit your taste.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Best Selling Body Groomer In 2013

Men's body grooming has made great strides over the past few years as Manscaping has ceased being a dirty word and a normal part of our modern, more urban culture. Norelco has made great strides from being your Dad's shaver and razor company to one that's really innovated some great improvements to grooming tools for men.
Dual-Head Body Groomer : Trimmer + Razor
As I review men's grooming and manscaping tools sales figures, one product stands out head and shoulders above the rest making the Philips/Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro the best selling men's bodygroomer over the past year - and then some.

With hair cutting and shaving features at both ends, the BodyGroom has an adjustable length trimmer on the tail end, and a pivoting foil shaver head on the other for a One-Two, Trim-Shave solution for a Manscaping solution for guys furry bits from head to toe.

A few other features of the body groomer are use in wet-dry environments and cordless rechargeable battery operation that quick-charges in less than an hour. Retailing around $70 it's a reasonably priced solution for a mans body - or facial hair.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mens Grooming On The Go - Micro Manscaping

Men and Hair - It grows everywhere! (Unless you're bald, but if you are - the hair loss didn't happen overnight so you've had plenty of time to get used to it...) and sometimes you discover JUST ONE STRAY HAIR that needs to get Manscaped - RIGHT NOW!! Like that one sticking out of your nose just before a business meeting. Or that ear or eyebrow hair that suddenly got a wild-hair up it's arse and is driving you crazy. Swiss+Tech has a solution.

For just over $10 - you can add a men's grooming tool-kit to you keychain arsenal. This Swiss+Tech nail clipper tool locks onto your key ring and provides a great mini-scissors for those stray MAN HAIRS that pop out, nail cleaner, knife and file - and also includes a handy LED flashlight integrated in the whole thing to help you slash your way through the Urban Jungle if need be. A great little All-In-1 micro-manscaping and grooming kit for men that you can take in your pocket!

Also check out this compact men's grooming case ideal for hair, nail and skin grooming while on vacation travel or for business trips:

Bear Hairy Mens Grooming : Paw Nippers and Clippers

For men willing to think about personal care and grooming BELOW the neckline - Body grooming in the more general sense also includes nail grooming as well. Mens grooming sets make a great gift - to yourself. Here's a great basic men's nail set:

For men who know - and prefer to buy up for quality grooming tools, here's a Suvorna manicure and pedicure set made from high-quality surgical stainless steel:

Over the years I've found real value in paying up for precision made scissors, clippers and files. Assuming you don't lose them, (these compact travel grooming cases help keep it all together!) better-quality men's grooming gear stays sharper longer, cuts hair and nails cleaner and are a worthy investment in your personal care regimen.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vacuum Beard Trimmers - Whisk Away Whiskers While You Shave

One of the problems with Manscaping is - "After you've cleaned up the nest, you've got to clean up the mess." Well the latest lines of mens beard and body grooming accessories do just that.

Norelco and Remington have added vacuum trimmers to their product lines: To Men's facial and body hair trimmers - as well as conventional hair clipper set.

Those who've used vacuum clippers and trimmers swear by 'em. They may not completely eliminate stray whiskers around the sink or on the floor, but keep the vast majority of hairs neatly in the quick-release, easy-empty whisker catcher.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mens Facial Hair Grooming Tools


There's alot of different mens goatee styles from the minimalist 'Soul Patch' under the lip - to a full 'Moutee' - the big fuzzy doughnut that many men sport. On a technical level, a goatee strictly involves chin whiskers, a Moutee incorporates the mustache as well.

All the different men's beard styles umbrella all these variants under the generic term 'beard'. But a full beard that incorporates sideburns, mustache and more on down deserves the moniker 'Full Beard' for what it is.

It's neat to see how manufacturers of men's grooming accessories are adapting their product lines for specific facial hair management: Dedicated beard & goatee trimming, shaping and styling tools that do our traditional notion of 'hair clippers' one better with very specific cutting blades, length adjustment options and trimming guides to deal with shaving one's facial hair with more exacting precision.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Man-Groomer Line Of Body Grooming Tools for Men

A small but dedicated line of Manscaping products come from a company logically called 'ManGroomer'. I personally like back hair myself, but for those hellbent on hairy back Manscape action here's the do it yourself back fur razor that only needs a steady hand and a mirror.

There's also a ManGroomer razor - somewhat conventional in appearance to an electric razor but designed with Manscape needs in mind:

And lastly, the devil is in the details, so ManGroomer also offers a compact ear and nose hair trimmer.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drastic Manscape Action Needed

I need a beard manscaping makeover or something. Maybe whack things down to a neat goatee and razor-sharp tightly angled sideburns. It's all the rage with Yung'uns these days. Getting the sideburns right is tough. I can 'rough 'em in' but it always helps to have somebody FIX them afterwards and get all the details right. But getting that goatee shaped properly is tough - and here's a solution:

The Goatee Saver!

For $20 it might help me keep a goatee trimmed 'Just-So' without all the sloppy careless free-hand shaving antics I find so difficult. All I know is now that summer is past - and my face isn't all tanned - it's finally SAFE to shave off my full beard and NOT have pale flesh that hasn't seen the light of day in half a year lurking underneath.

Trust me guys, you'll give new meaning to the word 'Pale-Face' if you whack off a thick beard in Mid-July. But it's November, I hereby officially declare it to be GO-GOATEE month.