Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mens Grooming On The Go - Micro Manscaping

Men and Hair - It grows everywhere! (Unless you're bald, but if you are - the hair loss didn't happen overnight so you've had plenty of time to get used to it...) and sometimes you discover JUST ONE STRAY HAIR that needs to get Manscaped - RIGHT NOW!! Like that one sticking out of your nose just before a business meeting. Or that ear or eyebrow hair that suddenly got a wild-hair up it's arse and is driving you crazy. Swiss+Tech has a solution.

For just over $10 - you can add a men's grooming tool-kit to you keychain arsenal. This Swiss+Tech nail clipper tool locks onto your key ring and provides a great mini-scissors for those stray MAN HAIRS that pop out, nail cleaner, knife and file - and also includes a handy LED flashlight integrated in the whole thing to help you slash your way through the Urban Jungle if need be. A great little All-In-1 micro-manscaping and grooming kit for men that you can take in your pocket!

Also check out this compact men's grooming case ideal for hair, nail and skin grooming while on vacation travel or for business trips:

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