Monday, August 5, 2013

mini Manscaping Tool : Wahl Peanut Personal Men's Trimmer

Some hair products stand the test of time and one of them is the best selling palm-sized Peanut hair trimmer from Wahl. Less than half the size of a home or professional hair clipper, this diminutive A/C powered trimmer is great for all-around manscaper, body fur, and beard grooming needs.

The Peanut trimmer from Wahl is ideal to manscape with because of it's small size and ease of handling in tight place. It also has a narrower and finer-tooth cutting blade thats better for precision trimming and edging needs - unlike a full-size home hair clipper with much larger and coarser blade. That makes it ideal to manscape a beard, mustache or goatee as well.

Prefer a cordless model for your manscaping sessions? Wahl also makes a cordless Peanut trimmer that runs on an AA NiMh battery and includes a charger and two batteries so you'll always have a spare battery ready to go. That said, as a manscaper, I personally prefer AC wall powered clippers that simply have more hair and whisker whacking power in general, and keep cutting even through long, full body head to toe bearscaping.

Battery Powered Peanut Trimmer

NiMh Batteries + Charger Included

Another one of the nice things about this handy little tool for body grooming and manscaping is (like all of Wahl's product line) both replacement blades and guide combs are readily available. You can find replacement parts online and at many hair salon product shops like Sally's Beauty Supply should you lose, damage or otherwise break a comb or blade.

4 Combs 1/8" - 1/2"

FYI: This mini clipper is also available in colors other than white if you hunt around. There's a somewhat rarer black model for Butch Bears - or Pretty In Pink model for Sissy-Boys to suit your taste.