Monday, August 5, 2013

Mens Micro Manscaping and Grooming Stations

While serious and frequent full-body manscapers should own a dedicated wet/dry foil and cipper style body groomer, a second piece to your body hair grooming tool arsenal should include a personal grooming station with multiple trimming and cutting heads for every aspect of edging and detailing your beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns -- as well as nasal and ear hair.

Remington makes a pretty decent rechargeable All-In-One micro-manscaping tool for your other furry bits that comes with a diverse set of attachment heads that deserves a place at your bathroom sink.

Wahl offer a similar grooming station with a few guide combs best for SHORT beard, goatee or sideburn lengths, a foil shaver head, and a rotary trimmer for nose and ear grooming. Of note it also includes a micro DETAILING BLADE about a 1/2" wide that's ideal for men with goatees and really need to edge and style their goatee with precision.

Norelco offers a similar men's grooming station with perhaps alot of attachments-- but one of the challenges is the never-ending product changes in supply and model numbers and configurations that seem to change from year to year. Norelco for example - USED to make a great All-In-One with charging station and attachment holder (the G380) - then discontinued it and replaced with (unfortunately all men's grooming tool companies are doing this) with a cheaper and more cheaply made G370 that just includes a chintzy mini 'duffle-bag' to hold all the loose parts. That may be fine if all you do is travel with your personal trimmer, but most of us need and want a dedicated stand at home that neatly holds all the parts at the ready during a hair grooming session. I personally own a G370 trimmer, and it's worked well enough and comes with plenty of attachments and guide combs -- but like any of these after a year or two of reasonable service -- it's time to replace it with something better.

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