Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sexy 6 - Great Grooming Gear Gifts For Guys

Needing some gift concepts for the Gay person in your life? Here's a hit-list of recommended Gay present recommendations to inspire and guide your shopping purchase. He's a mess often and everybody knows it-- so right here's some gifting recommendations to assist him clean up his act:

Remington Travel Grooming Kit

For Hair + Nails + Teeth
-- For the Gay guy regularly on the go, gifting a grooming travel kit with a variety of basic hair and nail devices is a great starting point. We suggest including a few choose devices to the grooming set before you present wrap it, such as a travel tube of tooth paste, a disposable razor, and a quality straight-cut toenail clipper to round-out the package.

Andis 23 Piece Barber Shop

Overall Bear Hair Body Care
-- For the Full-Bearded and wooly gentleman, an electrical hair clipping and battery powered beard and goatee cutting set makes an excellent present for a Gay individual that has hair to spare. With nearly 2 lots pieces and plenty of hair trimming guides, this set from Andis is an excellent selection. Wahl also manufactures a similar Clipper/Trimmer/Guide set with over 2 dozen pieces in it's Chrome and Color Pro line worth comparison shopping for.

Low Cost All-In-1 Groomer

Full Facial Hair Grooming
-- Every Gay person ought to have one of these rechargeable grooming sets with interchangeable heads. Yes, you can do the rough-in with a small scissors and non reusable razor. But for the exact, exacting information of your mustache, goatee, sideburns or beard-- and those ornery and pesky nose and ear hairs-- these multi-headed trimmers are an exceptional present. This one's from Remington on the cheap, however the higher-end Norelco Multi-Groom Plus+ or Pro models are also an exceptional gifting option.

Hardcore Bearscaping/ Manscaping

Dual Ends - Trimmer + Foil Razor
-- The right present for the REALLY HAIRY MAN who's expert work as a Competitive Bodybuilder, Go-Go Dancer, or Male Fashion Model requires total-body Manscaping from go to toe. Here, Norelco's double-headed Adjustable Length Trimmer and Foil-Shaver is the # 1 seller for complete bodygrooming requirements. It's the ultimate weed-whacker present for gorilla-hairy Gay Bear in your life that needs his fur kept under severe control.

12-Piece Mani-Pedi Nail Kit

Comprehensive Men's Nail Grooming
-- Let's not forget men's gnarly paws and claws when it pertains to gift concepts for Gay guys. Not everybody are fastidious primpers, and some individuals are just slobs. A set of manicure and pedicure tools in a compact travel case offers them one less excuse not to try to remain ontop of this essential guys's grooming activity.

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