Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mens Facial Hair Grooming Tools


There's alot of different mens goatee styles from the minimalist 'Soul Patch' under the lip - to a full 'Moutee' - the big fuzzy doughnut that many men sport. On a technical level, a goatee strictly involves chin whiskers, a Moutee incorporates the mustache as well.

All the different men's beard styles umbrella all these variants under the generic term 'beard'. But a full beard that incorporates sideburns, mustache and more on down deserves the moniker 'Full Beard' for what it is.

It's neat to see how manufacturers of men's grooming accessories are adapting their product lines for specific facial hair management: Dedicated beard & goatee trimming, shaping and styling tools that do our traditional notion of 'hair clippers' one better with very specific cutting blades, length adjustment options and trimming guides to deal with shaving one's facial hair with more exacting precision.


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