Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tools For Manscaping : Beyond The Razor

OK, guys. Whether you choose to believe it or not: Any time you used that razor, shaver, hair-clipper, trimmer or scissors below your neckline, you've MANSCAPED. You crossed the line of men's grooming and hair trimming the moment you did so: You became a MANSCAPER. And the moment you cut that first unruly hair 'down there' you engaged in the seemingly new and trendy pop-culture ART OF MANSCAPING.

You used whatever tools you had. That terribly sharp-pointed household scissor. That cheap BIC single-blade razor that caused you to learn the hard way it wasn't the right tool for the tool as they say. Or perhaps you tried to use that trimmer-edger on the side of your Schick or Remington facial razor that wasn't just quite right for the job.

Well that's what this blog is about: The Best Manscaping Tools to groom body hair on places other than your neck and noodle.

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