Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Manscaping Tips : Things Your Father Never Told You

Not everyone had a Father around to teach you right and wrong. For those of us who did, Dad was a role model at the bathroom sink - shaving and scraping away at his neck and cheeks. And you basically picked-up on whatever you witnessed and that's pretty much all you knew about Mens Grooming.

Perhaps Dad never talked about shaving. Never taught you HOW TO SHAVE in an explicit life lesson as you hit puberty. Perhaps you simply came down to the breakfast table to see Dad with bits of bloody toilet-paper pasted here and there on his face and you thought; "OK, when I grow up and become a real man, that's not how I'm going to Manscape."

Dad certainly never talked about other hair, or hair down there. Or that someday body hair elsewhere might become unruly and need to be dealt with - at least occasionally. You learned it the hard way: Locked in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet or with one leg propped up on the edge of the bathtub -- doing unspeakables to your unmentionables, nicking and cutting yourself in places you'd rather not have. But you were MANSCAPING. With whatever hair cutting tools Dad had. Cuz you were getting body hair in places other than on your face. And you knew you had to do something with it.

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