Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bushwhacker Manscaping : Forging Through The Hairy Thicket

1. To ambush
2. To cut or beat one's way through thick woods
3. To range or move around in woods or the bush
4. To fight as a guerrilla in wild or uncivilized regions
5. To work in the bush, esp at timber felling

"The weapons with which we have gained our most important victories, which should be handed down as heirlooms from father to son, are not the sword and the lance, but the bushwhack, the turf-cutter, the spade, and the bog hoe, rusted with the blood of many a meadow, and begrimed with the dust of many a hard-fought field."
Walking - by Henry David Thoreau

I hereby declare if Remington, Schick, Norelco, Philips and Braun ever name a line of body grooming products 'The Bushwhacker' series of Manscape tools: I - or Henry David Thoreau - are going to sue their hairy asses off.

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